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Plant-Based Food For All

Pulp + Sprout (formerly Elements Real Food) is a locally grown North Asheville vegan restaurant dedicated to producing high quality, nutrient dense, organic “Real Food.”

We are passionate about crafting the highest quality, organic plant-based menu and cold pressed juices. We love what we do and we are thankful everyday for the amazing opportunity to feed our vibrant Asheville community.

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CAFE Hours

Monday – Friday 
9am – 4pm

Saturday – Sunday
9am – 3pm


233 S. Liberty St.
Asheville, NC 28801



Coming Soon!

During COVID, we started delivering fresh, cold-pressed juice directly to your door. Starting in early June, you’ll be able to order a weekly juice subscription directly from our website. Stay tuned!


Cold-Pressed Juice
Go Forth Green
 • 9.00
Kale, Pear, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger Juice
Clean Green
 • 9.00
Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Lemon, Parsley
 • 9.00
Beets, Carrots, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Ginger
Morning Dew
 • 9.00
Kale, Celery, Apple, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger
 • 9.00
Carrots, Orange, Apple, Lemon, Turmeric, Parsley
Cold-Pressed 6-pack
 • 50.00
Customize a 6-pack of your favorite cold-pressed juices. Delivery available!
Maca Mylk
 • 9.50
Cashews, Maca, Dates, Camu-Camu, Vanilla, Pink Himalayan Salt
Golden Mylk
 • 4.50 - 5.50
Gaia Golden Mix, Sweet Cashew Cream, Cinnamon
Cashew Cacao Mylk
 • 9.50
Cashews, Cacao, Dates, Vanilla, Pink Himalayan Salt
Medicine Mylk
 • 9.50
Cashews, Chaga, Lucuma, Spirulina, Dates, Vanilla, Pink Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon
Matcha Mylk
 • 4.50 - 5.50
Blended Matcha and Sweet Cashew Cream
Golden Tonic Broth
 • 5.50 - 6.50
Soy-Free Miso, Ginger, Chaga, Gaia Gold Mix
Sipping Broth
 • 4.50 - 5.50
Soy-Free Miso, Ginger, Chaga, Toasted Sesame Oil
Mushroom Broth
 • 5.50 - 6.50
Soy-Free Miso, Ginger, Dry Mushroom Mix
Plant-Based Food
Yogurt Parfait
 • 6.75
Forager vegan cashew yogurt flavored with vanilla and lemon zest, topped with fresh local berries, and house made granola.
Avo Toasty
 • 9.00
Avocado, cashew crema, fresh herbs, roots and greens on sesame spelt sourdough bread.
 • 9.50
Avocado, local lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, basil, soy free vegannaise on sesame spelt sourdough bread. Served with house-made pickles.
Up-Beet Sandwhich
 • 9.50
Roasted beet, cucumber, avocado, local greens, cashew ricotta, sunflower sprouts on sesame spelt sourdough bread.
Wellness Salad
 • 10.50
Lacinato and curly kale, cucumber, radish, carrot, apple, fresh herbs, spiced crunchy chickpeas, lemon dill dressing (add avocado +$1).
 • 4.00 - 8.00
Mung dal, rice, ginger, turmeric, carrots, spices.
Sweetheart Toast
 • 10.50
Toasted golden raisin flax bread from OWL Bakery served with almond butter, seasonal fruit and granola topping.
Mushroom Banh Mi
 • 10.50
Hummus, pickled veggies, seared mushrooms (oyster, shitake, cremini), greens, paprika aioli, sesame cabbage slaw, fresh cilantro on a sourdough baguette.
Chickpea Caesar Sandwich or Salad
 • 9.00
Local greens, cucumber, chickpea salad, sprouts.
Salad comes with croutons. The sandwich is served with soy-free vegannaise and house-made pickles.
 •  4.50 - 8.50
A rotating selection of seasonally inspired soups. Please call for today's selection.
Snacks + Desserts
Chia Pudding
 • 5.50
Organic chia seeds, plant milk, fresh blueberries, lemon zest, sweetened with maple syrup and topped with fresh fruit, goji berries and fresh mint.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
 •  3.25
Vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies made with local French Broad Chocolate chips.
Housemade Granola
 •  8.00
Our signature house made gluten free granola.
Slice of Pie
 • 6.50
A rotating selection of raw organic vegan cheese cakes and mousse pies. Call for daily flavors.
 • 3.50
A rotating selection of homemade chocolate truffles. Call for daily flavors.
Smoothies + Bowls
Chocolate Bliss
 • 5 - 10.25
Cocoa, Banana, Dates, Almond Butter, Oat Milk. Can be turned into smoothie bowl.
Green Goddess
 • 5 - 10.50
Kale, Pineapple, Mango, Apple, Banana, Filtered Water. Can be turned into smoothie bowl.
Goji Apparatus
 • 5 - 12.00
Goji Berries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Banana, Blue Green Algae, Maca, Cinnamon, Cacao, Almond Butter, Oat Milk. Can be turned into smoothie bowl.
Choc. Cherry Bomb
 • 5 - 10.75
Banana, Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Cashew Butter, Maca, Lucuma, with MCT Oil Chocolate Sauce. Can be turned into smoothie bowl.
Acai Bowl
 • 9.50 - 9.95
Acai, Blueberry, Banana, Mango, Oat Milk puree topped with House-made Granola, Goji, Mulberries, Fresh Fruit, Matcha, Super-food Cashew Pudding.
Blueberry Diesel
 • 5 - 10.25
Blueberries, Banana, Dates, Almond Butter, Oat Milk. Can be turned into smoothie bowl.
PB&J Smoothie
 • 5 - 11.95
Banana, Strawberry, House Made Peanut Butter, Oat Milk. Can be turned into smoothie bowl.
 • 5 - 10.50
Strawberries, Blueberries, Banana, Dates, Hemp Protein, Maca, Cacao, Vitamineral Greens, Oat Milk. Can be turned into smoothie bowl.
Maca Bowl
 • 9.95
Frozen Bananas blended with Maca Mylk, topped with Granola Cacao Nubs, Coconut, Fresh Bananas, Peanut Butter Cup, MCT Choco Sauce, Peanut Butter.

Custom Cheesecakes


Order one of our beautifully decorated raw vegan cheesecakes for your next special event. Please use the notes section to specify pickup time and any special instructions. Please allow 48-hrs for pie orders. Common flavor choices are listed below but feel free to request others and we will let you know if we can make it happen.

01. Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Cashew based raw vegan cheesecake available in a variety of flavors and crust options.
6” – 10” Cakes – $38.00 – $65.00

02. Avocado Chocolate Orange Mousse Pie

Raw, vegan, nut free, gluten free
6” – 10” Cakes – $38.00 – $65.00

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